Welcome to Betsy Smith's Home Page

B.A. in French, Brown University, 1966
M.A. and M.Phil. in French, Yale University, 1979
M.S. in Education (TESOL), California State University, Fullerton,1985
Ph.D. in Education, The Claremont Graduate School, 1996

I'm a "retired" PACE faculty member. I taught at PACE, which stands for Program in American College English, a program for international students who need to improve their English before they are ready to study in a college or graduate school in the U.S., from 1989-1997. If you were in one of my classes, send me some e-mail (my address is: bsmith@eastgate.net) and let me know if you're coming to the PACE 20th birthday party. I'd love to see you there! And I'd love to know where you are and what you're doing.

What course(s) did you take with me? Here are some of the classes that I've taught over the years. Does the syllabus sound familiar?

Other Interests
Bridge, Chocolate, Racquetball, Scrabble, Travel